Mudiay: Is it Time to Move On?

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  1. TMil says:

    When he’s 25/26, then we can talk about “Is it time to move on”. Kid can’t even drink yet for crying out loud. You can’t teach 6ft5 200 with advanced vision and tough-to-contain lane penetration ability given his size. Shooting form has improved tremendously, if you saw how he used to shoot in China. Speaking of China, he averaged 18pts/6rebs/6asts/2stls. Yes, I know China isnt the same as the NBA, but if Mudiay ever hits his peak and averages these numbers in the NBA, that’s a stud of a draft pick. Be patient Nuggets fans. Wait til he has confidence and stops telegraphing his passes.

    1. Derek Kainz says:

      I completely agree – I’m a Mudiay apologist but there are a lot of people out there that want the minutes to go to Murray.

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