Dig In: NBA Power Rankings

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  1. kevin kligmann says:

    I don’t understand how you can put the bucks who have a record barely above 500 in front of the Jazz team that currently holds a record of 26-16, and who are now finally injury free, poised to make a run with a soft schedule the next few weeks. I can understand why you put them ahead of the Thunder and Memphis who with significantly better records than the bucks also sit behind your bucks power pick. But the narrow wins over those 2 teams still doesn’t make the bucks record better. And with very few of the Bucks wins coming against above 500 teams, I think when putting power rankings together, you should consider leaving your star crossed man crushes on the over-sized Greek point guard out of your decision making process..

    1. Rafael Torres says:

      I kind of agree I’d like to see the Jazz a little higher because those guys are balling right now

    2. Derek Kainz says:

      The Jazz are definitely playing extremely well. They finished just one aggregate point behind the Bucks in our rankings this week so it was extremely close. This will be a weekly ranking posted every Friday and as the weeks go on I’ll have more site contributors send me their rankings as well so we get a better aggregation of thoughts from the site. Make no doubt though, the Bucks are playing extremely well as well – thanks for the input! Come back next week and see how it shakes out!

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