Jusuf Nurkic: To Deal or Not to Deal? And if so, to Whom?

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  1. Heavy Artillery says:

    This article is terrible your trade ideas were a straight swap with phoenix for len. Or maybe have them give us len and picks. Or we can swap for jeff greens animated corpse. Or best yet we can trade him to Brooklyn for roye and scola?!?! Wow man put some thought and effort into your articles dont just spew unrealistic nonsense. Weak click bait….

    1. Rafael Torres says:

      Really sorry you feel that way but to some I guess those will be good trades. I mean, I wouldn’t mind having Jeff Green on the Nuggets at the expense of Jusuf Nurkic…

    2. Corban Ford-Watson says:

      Hey, I’m sorry you feel that way. The purpose of the article was to start a discussion, so I’m glad I was able to get some feedback from you. The way I see it there won’t be any blockbuster trades or anything of that nature. I see a move involving Nurkic as a dump off trade more or less, so I wanted to stay realistic as possible in my opinion. Looking at the NBA landscape it was hard to find teams that either need a starting center or aren’t satisfied with a center that’s currently on their roster. That being said, what trades do you have to move Nurkic? If nothing else, I’ll have learned something new today.

  2. TMil says:

    To be honest, there’s not many teams that would benefit Nurkic in terms of finding him a home without much competition for minutes. I’ve done my research and nailed it down to these few teams. Milwaukee, New York, Boston, New Orleans, Dallas, and Washington. Allow me to break this all down for you.

    1) Milwaukee has a roster full of young studs. I feel the majority of that roster is on untouchable terms. That team is built to win, they just have to learn how to win. Plus even if Nurkic did go there, it would put Thon Maker’s future in jeopardy. If we are dumping Nurkic, we need a consolation center in return and I’m afraid John Henson isn’t going anywhere.

    2) New York is an aging team. They dont appear to be making the playoffs, so that pick would be nice to have. I would like to have Jennings (an expiring contract) but he’s Derrick Rose’s insurance policy at the moment, so that means hes staying out out of necessity. If I were to do a deal with New York it would be Kyle OQuinn (solid vet great contract) + Justin Holiday (expiring) + NYK 2017 1st round for Jusuf Nurkic + Jameer Nelson. I doubt they would want to do this due to the fact they have a surging center in Willy Hernangomez, Juancho’s brother. They know he has Marc Gasol-ish potential written all over him.

    3) Boston is in win-now mode. They arent looking to make any trades unless its groundbreaking. Danny Ainge is stingy, so you know he will never give up any of his collection of picks.

    4) Dallas. Yes that pick looks mighty juicy at the moment, but they could catch fire at any moment and challenge us for an 8th seed push. Plus, the only deal that could work is Bogut (expiring contract) + Barea (solid veteran who is much more reliable than Jameer, contract is beautiful) + 1st round for Jusuf Nurkic and Jameer. Doubt they budge on it, because Mark Cuban loves Barea like his own son.

    5) Washington. Would LOVE to get Otto porter but he’s untouchable. We need a quality SF/PF sharpshooter that can defend with major upside. Like ive said before, we cant afford to NOT get a center in return. We would have to take on Marcin Gortat or Ian Mahinmi’s ABSURD contract for the next 4 years. NOT INTERESTED! Moving on to the final and most pleasant destination……

    ***NEW ORLEANS*** Terrence Jones (expiring contract, SOLID all around player w little upside) + Alexis Ajinca (solid veteran that can protect the rim and rebound efficiently, also worth noting his contract is GOLD) + 1st round for Nurkic and jameer. That 1st round request is righteous because Terrence Jones may or may not sign back, so essentially we are giving New Orleans a veteran PG (which they need desperately) and a high potential center upgrade for Alexis Ajinca…. As far as Terrence Jones goes, I feel he will bring us an additional element to our offense (as well as defense). Split the minutes at the PF between him and Faried, because we know Kenneth gets into foul trouble. Terrence is an onball guy that can run the show, rebound, push the pace, and be a competent off ball screen-n-score guy. Takes pressure off of Barton Murray and Wilson which will result to easier baskets for everyone. I believe he can carve out a nice role for himself here, because currently in New Orleans, his minutes fluctuate. He has no role in New Orleans, and when hes given minutes, he performs. Id be willing to give up a 2nd round if it came down to it….

    Another thing worth nothing, Mike malone loves small ball. Terrence Jones played the Center position when Anthony davis was out against the Cavs. Terrence Jones defeated the Cavs practically by himself that night. Quite the performance! Terrence Jones can be yet another swiss army knife to boost our bench quality. And lets say it doesnt work out, he falls out of the rotation and he chooses not to resign. So what? We have the 1st round pick as insurance to use in the draft or in a trade to acquire what we desperately need (SF/PF that can shoot, defend or protect the rim, rebound).

    This move doesnt put a burden on our cap, gives us a pick going forward, New orleans receives a MASSIVE upgrade at Center and a veteran PG they desperately need. If Terrence does want to come back, we have the cap to resign him. This would probably result to us moving pieces like faried/chandler and that 1st round for something better in the offseason.

    1. Corban Ford-Watson says:

      I definitely like that evaluation! Very thorough! I’m going to have to look back at Nurkic because it appears I undervalued him overall.

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